Our Story

Why was Memoir Candles created?  

I wanted to create a business where customers can build a community and create scents together! The inspiration behind each scent was because of a memory. There are a multitude of ways that our brain uses to connect with our past experiences and one of them is smell. Each scent has been tested and picked by customers just like you! 

How do we make our candles? 

Our candles are handcrafted made with natural soy and coconut wax, wood wicks, and all fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free. Not only are you buying from a local Canadian all our suppliers are Canadian too! When you buy from Memoir Candles you are not only supporting one small business, you are supporting a whole community! 

Our mission is to create a ethical sustainable candle businesses that creates a community with our customers. 

Thank you for choosing to support a small business. I started this business in 2022 on my own in the kitchen! Together we can build a better future for generations to come by decreasing the environmental impact that large candle manufacturers cause.


Tell us what scents you want! We want to build a community with our customers by connecting with everyone's memories!